Why is my Printer connected but not printing?

There can be many reasons why a connected printer will not be printing. Here in the list, we have tried to list all the factors that might be the reason behind the Printer, not printing. Troubleshooting solutions for Hp printer won't print issue :Solution 1: Due to...

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How to connect HP printer to WiFi?

If you wish to know how to connect your HP printer to wifi, then you have come to the right place. This article shall explain how you can connect your pre-installed wireless HP printer to your wifi network after switching your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or buying...

Why is my HP printer offline?

Wondering why your HP printer is showing an ‘offline’ status. How can you fix your HP printer’s offline status? This article particularly deals with fixing your HP “offline” printer compatible for Windows. Your printer’s in-built menu would ideally display...

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